Piano Lessons

I offer virtual and in-person piano lessons to adults and children aged 5 and up, including technique, musicality, reading music, sight-reading. and playing duets.

Voice Lessons

Explore your inner self by developing your singing voice. Work on pitch, breathing, volume, sight-singing, range expansion. Lessons virtual or in-person.

French Coaching

With 15+ years experience teaching French to adults, I offer online and in-person French lessons for singers, travelers, and enthusiasts. Group virtual class held Wednesday evening.

Learning at Feisty Fingers

My teaching philosophy is to approach music and language instruction as an opportunity for children and adults to develop themselves physically and mentally while also slowing down and being fully present in an enjoyable activity that encourages communication as well as individual expression.

I teach with the understanding that instrument and voice training brings profound developmental and psychological benefits,  including poise and confidence, physical dexterity and coordination, listening, concentration, creativity, problem solving, internal motivation, self-awareness, presence, and mindfulness. As we work together towards the primary outcome of playing music, I implement personalized lesson plans that actively foster all the benefits listed above. I also integrate sight reading, sight singing, musical theory and history because understanding the science of music brings greater creative depth to playing music.

Get Started Playing

Schedule a trial lesson, or learn more about enrolling yourself or your child in music or French lessons!