Can I take voice, piano, or French lessons virtually at Feisty Fingers Music?

Yes! Since March 2020, all lessons and classes are conducted on-line through Zoom, and I have been teaching some of my students remotely since February 2019.

At what age can my child begin piano lessons?

As a general rule, children have the physical development and mental concentration required for piano lessons at the age of 6. I accept students for individual piano lessons as early as 5 if they exhibit the motivation and concentration, and in some rare cases as early as 3.

Do you offer piano lessons to adults?

Absolutely! Many of us played an instrument while young and then life took over; others of us always dreamed of learning an instrument but never did. I offer lessons to adults who are true beginners, to proficient musicians wanting to enhance their technique, and to those who are coming back after several years of not playing.

Do you teach students how to read music?

Part of my approach is to enable my students to read music because reading music allows us to learn repertoire more quickly and to play with others more easily. When I teach children and adults to read music, I draw on my extensive background effectively teaching others to master foreign languages.

What type of method or repertoire do you teach?

I vary my approach based on the learning style and goals of the student. I emphasize learning good fingering and technique, so that my students will be able to develop musically for years to come. I introduce a variety of musical genres, including classical, pop, blues, theme songs from movies and musicals, etc.